We recently got the chance to take a look at the inaugural issue of “LATITUDE” - a women’s focused editorial magazine by Canadian cannabis company 48NORTH Cannabis Corp. 48NORTH is a licensed producer with brands that include: 48North (flower), F8TE (accessories), Mother & Clone (sublingual sprays), Avitas (vape cartridges), and Latitude of course. The package received was thoughtfully packaged, and included the first issue of LATITUDE, as well as one of the “Grace” pipes from their F8TE accessory line, incense and a Hemp & Lavender Bath Oil.

I really enjoyed reading the issue, since it focused on women, and their stories and experiences with cannabis. The magazine itself was a really great quality, it had an almost handcrafted feel. I also really loved the simplicity of the Grace pipe (and p.s. it can also double as an incense burner too), it is a stark white pipe with clean lines, that really speaks to my personal aesthetic.

With more and more Canadian cannabis companies on the market, we appreciate seeing great product paired with a great design aesthetic, and 48North’s package is a great example of thoughtful design. We look forward to trying out all of their product lines and new launches in the future!

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