GETTING NAILED: The Best Streetwear-Inspired Nail Art

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(Above) OFF-WHITE Inspired Nails. Photo Credit: IG @blackfilenails


part of the URBAN street beauty culture, nail art is like a hypebeast extension of your OOTD.

Streetwear is all about flossing and being seen. The birth of hip-hop and the rise of urban culture in the late 80's and early 90's created a style that is crazy bold and unique, and has heavily influenced what streetwear is today. Brands like FUBU, Starter, Baby Phat and Enyce dominated urban street fashion, and artists like SWV and Lil Kim were rarely seen without a set of crazy long nails that were artful extensions of their outfits. They defined an era of style that was bougie, over-the-top and #doingthemost, and their nails were always on-point making in-your-face statements of expression. Streetwear is having a moment right now, and matching your nail art to the 'it' street brands can be seen everywhere - from the hypest hypebeasts in Seoul, to Jeremy Scott's runway, to a high school cheer squad in the burbs.

BUT FIRST, We reminisce...

taking it back to the notorious ladies that changed the nail game:

From ultra bougie Gucci + LV patterns to sporty Nike + Supreme inspired sets, here's a look at some current streetwear/urban fashion inspired nails: